Setup your Fedora Linux 35 using Ansible

monitor with Fedora logo

There is a lot of scripts to setup your new cool Fedora Linux 35 installation

Many companies uses Ansible to setup computers, but you can also use it to setup your own local system.

Check out my Github Gist with Ansible playbooks to setup your system and user configuration

It will do the following actions

  •  Set system Hostname
  • Add rpmfusion
  • Install some wanted packages
  • Remove some unwanted packages
  • install GStreamer codecs
  • Add flathub flatpak repo
  • Add gnome-nightly flatpak repo
  • Install flatpaks from flathub
  • Install flatpaks from gnome-night
  • Disable Gnome Software updates auto download

Ansible playbook is written i YAML format, it is very easy to read and edit.

It can easy be extended to do most thing you can think off.




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